Front Office

   Ownership      Position
  Mr. Kirk Brooks      Owner
   Front Office   Email   Position
  Mr. Scott Allegrini   President of Business Operations
  Mr. Andy Ogdahl   Vice President of Sales
  Mr. David Fine   Director of Media Relations/Broadcasting
  Mr. Leland Skeen   Corporate Sales Representative
  Ms. Renae Breemes   Marketing Assistant
  Mr. Matt Nickerson   Director of Game Operations
  Mr. Mike Riley   Video Producer
  Mrs. Kim Hedstrom   Administrative Assistant
  Mr. Tim Schreiner   Promotions and Sales
  Hockey Operations     Position
  Mr. Steve Lowe   Follow Steve on Twitter   President of Hockey Operations

  Mr. Anthony Noreen

    Head Coach/General Manager
  Mr. Taylor Nelson   Follow Taylor on Twitter   Assistant Coach
  Mr. Matt Stewart   Follow Matt on Twitter   Assistant Coach
  Mr. Colt Graf     Athletic Trainer/Strength + Conditioning Coach
  Mr. Dan Bouska     Equipment Manager


   Other Staff     Position
  Mr. Connor Brown   Director of Off-Ice Officials
  Mr. Paul Perkins, Mr. Brandon Benitz     Public Address Announcers
  Mr. Scott White     Housing Coordinator
  Mr. Bob Haller     Team Bus Driver
  Scouting Staff     Position
  Steve Lowe     President of Hockey Operations
  Vincent Montalbano     Director of Player Personel
  Matt Moran     Head Scout
  Jason Schulz     Minnesota Region Scout
  Peter Wilkinson     Michigan High School Scout
  Michael Hamilton     Michigan Scout



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