Front Office Phone: (308) 338-8144

   Ownership      Position
  Mr. Kirk Brooks      Team Owner
   Front Office   Email   Position
  Mr. Holmes Ghassemi   President of Business Operations
  Mr. Matt Nickerson   Director of Game Operations
  Mr. Kendall Grayson   Director of Media Relations
  Mr. Leland Skeen   Corporate Sales Representative
  Mr. Cory Telecky   Brand Ambassador
  Mr. Kevin Marker

  Ms. April Rodehorst   Storm Store Manager
 Ms. McKenna Regenos   Ticket Office Manager
 Mrs. Abigail Lewis   Administrative Assistant


   Other Staff     Position
  Mr. Connor Brown   Director of Off-Ice Officials
  Mr. Paul Perkins     Public Address Announcer
  Mr. Eugene Bichlmeier     In-Arena Host 
  Mr. Scott White     Housing Coordinator
  Mr. Bob Haller     Team Bus Driver



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