Front Office Phone: (308) 338-8144

   Ownership      Position
  Mr. Kirk Brooks      Team Owner
   Front Office   Email   Position
  Mr. Scott Allegrini   [email protected]  President of Business Operations
  Mr. Kendall Grayson   [email protected]   Director of Media Relations
  Mr. Kevin Marker   [email protected]    Director of Game Operations
  Mr. Cory Telecky   [email protected]   Ticket Office Manager 
  Mr. Leland Skeen

  [email protected]

 Corporate Sales Representative
  Ms. April Rodehorst   [email protected]   Storm Store Manager
 Mrs. Abigail Lewis   [email protected]   Administrative Assistant
 Mr. Casey Stangl   [email protected]   Director of Video Production
 Ms. Lauren May   [email protected]   Social Media/Community Relations


   Other Staff     Position
  Mrs. Michaela Bowman       Director of Off-Ice Officials
  Mr. Paul Perkins     Public Address Announcer
  Mr. Tyson Middleswart     In-Arena Host 
  Mr. Scott White     Housing Coordinator
  Mr. Bob Haller     Team Bus Driver



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