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Movie extras wanted March 8 at Viaero Center

Posted 2 years 138 days ago ago by David Fine

Have a role in "Ice", meet "Miracle" actor

PLEASE FILL OUT and bring this Talent Release Form

Kearney, Neb. – The Viaero Center seeks “extras” that will serve as the crowd for scenes in the film “Ice” on Wednesday, March 8 at 5:00 p.m. Actor Patrick O’Brien Demsey, who played Mike Eruzione in the hockey movie “Miracle”, will be available for autographs after the session. All ages are welcome.

To participate, PLEASE FILL OUT and bring this Talent Release Form to the movie shooting. Also, please read the following “Dos” and “Don’ts”. We look forward to seeing you here and representing Central Nebraska!  


What to Wear:

  • We would prefer if you can bring nice-casual options i.e. pea coats, scarves, etc.
  • Please avoid logos of major makes of companies, from school logos to competition team logos.
  • Avoid crazy patterns, plaid, or checkered items.
  • Avoid all-black and all-white shirts.
  • Please bring options! We LOVE options!
  • Some of you may be pulled to work as ‘Featured background’ as an ice skating judge or ice skating coach. To be considered for these roles we ask that you bring a nice coat and shoes. 


What to Bring:

  • Snacks, water, and anything else you need to make yourself most comfortable for the ‘wait’ part that accompanies the “hurry up and wait” aspect of movie making.
  • We prefer books to iPads and such as the less noise there is the better!

What to Expect:

  • Filming takes patience. They can be long days but very fun days as they take a lot of people doing a lot of various things.  We anticipate a 5pm - 11pm work day. 
  • It might seem that some scenes you don't get "picked" to be in, or it may look as though you are not on camera but please don't lose heart. Generally there are several different camera angles so there is an excellent chance you will be seen... more than once at that! 


Photo/Video Policy 

  • Do not take photos or videos of our talent while on set. This policy is important in maintaining the safety of our talent and protecting the content of the film. If you are seen breaking this policy you will kindly be asked to leave. We will have a time set aside for you to take photos/autographs with the cast, however not during filming. 

About the Movie 

Ice The Movie is an inspirational sports drama that tracks the journey of two elite level figure skaters, endearingly dubbed the "Veerak Sisters" after their mutual coach and surrogate father, Coach Gavin Veerak. The narrative follows the sisters' struggle to balance the demands of love, hate, and skate, amidst the competitive backdrop of the high stakes realities implicit of the pressure packed world that is Women's Figure Skating.

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