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Goalie Logan Halladay fights Down Syndrome with mask

Posted 2 years 142 days ago ago by David Fine


Auctioning mask, raising money for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation

Kearney, Neb. – Former Tri-City Storm goaltender Logan Halladay is using his mask to raise money and fight Down Syndrome. For $10, fans receive one entry into a raffle for Halladay’s mask and all proceeds go to the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.

At the end of the season, a drawing will be held to select a winner for the mask and other prizes, including a stick. The 20-year-old started the raffle at the beginning of the season while playing for the Bloomington Thunder and has raised more than $3,000. The Storm traded Halladay back to Bloomington on February 27. 

Donate $10 here today:
Watch Halladay explain his passion for fighting against Down Syndrome

“I’ve always worked with kids with special needs and it’s been a passion of mine,” Halladay said. “I decided to give back to them in the way they’ve given back to me.

“The idea started last year,” Halladay told in September. “I was thinking one day and I thought how cool of an idea it would be to have a helmet that we could give away to one of the fans. I just kept thinking about it and decided to incorporate the Global Down Syndrome Foundation because it’s something close to my heart and something I want to help give back to.”

BMSF Design’s Brian Shott painted the mask. The left side has the Global Down Syndrome Foundation logo in white and blue. The right side has a blue Superman with a green cape.

“I think of kids with down syndrome as superheroes,” Halladay explained with a glowing smile.

The top of the mask has X chromosomes, representative of the extra chromosome found in Down Syndrome patients. The back of the mask has the Special Olympics logo.

To make a donation, visit the Bloomington Thunder’s website at this link or Storm social media pages.



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