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Meet the competitors for Saturday's Wiener Dog Races

Posted 2 years 23 days ago ago by David Fine

The Storm takes on the Youngstown Phantoms Saturday, Nov. 19 at 7:05 p.m., featuring Intermission Wiener Dog Races! Check out some of the racers! There will be a free postgame skate after the game. 

Get your tickets here or call the box office at 308-338-8011.



#1. Zoey.jpg  2. Shadow.jpg  3. Scooby.jpg  4. Pebbles.jpg  5. Onyx.jpg  6. Millie.jpg  7. Millie and Gus.jpg  8. Lola.jpg  9. Leo.jpg  10. Jazzy.jpg  11. Gus.jpg  12. Bleu.jpg  Bleu.jpg 

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