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Eleven Storm players have reached the NHL, the highest level of hockey in the world. Bill Thomas was the first to appear, making his appearance for the Pheonix Coyotes in 2007. Thomas played for Pheonix, Pittsburgh and Florida from 2007-09 and 2010-12. Defenseman Jack Hillen (TC: 2003-04) played in 304 NHL games from 2007-15, the longest a former Storm player has skated in the NHL. Jaden Schwartz, a 2010 first-round pick of the St. Louis Blues, has scored the most goals and points of any past Tri-City player to make the NHL. Goaltender Pheonix Copley (TC: 2011-12) is the last Storm player to make the NHL, competing in one game for the St. Louis Blues in 2016.


  Bill Thomas (Storm: 2002-04)  
NHL Debut: 2007 - Phoenix Coyotes  
  Steve Wagner (Storm: 2002-04)  
NHL Debut: 2007 - St. Louis Blues  
  Jack Hillen (Storm: 2003-04)  
NHL Debut: 2007 - New York Islanders  
  Peter Mannino (Storm: 2003-04)  
NHL Debut: 2009 - New York Islanders  
  Christian Hanson (Storm: 2003-05)  
NHL Debut: 2009 - Toronto Maple Leafs  
  Scott Parse (Storm: 2002-03)  
NHL Debut: 2009 - Los Angeles Kings  
  Jarod Palmer (Storm: 2004-06)  
NHL Debut: 2011 - Minnesota Wild  
  Jaden Schwartz (Storm: 2009-10)  
NHL Debut: 2012 - St. Louis Blues  
  Mark Van Guilder (Storm: 2002-04)   
NHL Debut: 2014 - Nashville Predators  
  Bobby Robins (Storm: 2001-02)
NHL Debut: 2014 - Boston Bruins
Pheonix Copley (Storm: 2011-12)
NHL Debut: 2016 - St. Louis Blues
Nick Lappin (Storm: 2010-12)
NHL Debut: 2016 - New Jersey Devils
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